DeSean Horne 

A native of Reno, Nevada DeSean has been active in his church, community, school, and had an undeniable love for ministry from an early age. DeSean is a multi-faceted individual covering multiple lanes in ministry.

While under the leadership of Pastor Norris DuPree Sr., DeSean was given opportunities to expand his preaching and was trained in various areas of ministry. After successful completion of training, he was licensed to preach on October 17, 2004.

In January 2005 DeSean relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada and united with New Antioch Christian Fellowship, under the leadership of Rev. Dr. Naida Parson. Underneath her leadership, along with a five part pastoral team, DeSean was challenged to grow in preaching, teaching, leading, and serving. After a year of careful observation, he was elevated to the position of executive assistant to Pastor Sonya Cheltenham; overseeing ministry development. In this capacity, DeSean operated at the level equivalency of an assistant pastor.

It was in this role, DeSean’s gift for pastoring was expanded and cultivated. He oversaw approximately 70 leaders with 8 direct ministry reports. His scope of responsibility included training, developing, counseling, and mentoring leaders, along with a portion of the congregation. After 3 years in this role, successful completion of 2 years of academic study, and graduation from Petra-Nia Bible Institute, DeSean was ordained on August 23, 2009. He continued on in the role of executive assistant until his departure from the ministry.

Most recently, DeSean has had the privilege of overseeing the Next Generation Empowerment Ministry (nGem) at Second Baptist Church, Reno. This has been his greatest joy, because it has reminded him of the purpose of the church, which is to advance the Kingdom. He has taken the opportunity to help bridge the gap to reach this current generation while standing on the lessons previous generations have taught and shared. During the 18 months under his leadership, the ministry has grown from 15 participants to over 80; DeSean helped the youth become assured of their salvation, discover their spiritual gifts, impacted the worship services, and aided the community.

The three learning’s that have kept DeSean throughout his 15 year ministerial journey are: ministry is a sacred trust, ministry is a team sport, and ministry must not suffer. These are the things that have, and will continue to center DeSean as he continues to progress forward in seeking God’s will for His people.  DeSean is now serving as the Acting Pastor of Second Baptist Church of Reno.